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A Tale of Two Janitors: Contract Labor Has Destroyed the Blue Collar Worker & the Middle Class

by Rod Dreher

So, LGBT Activists Do Want to Put Christians in Jail – Michael Brown Ph.D., The Stream
North Korea EMP: The Calculations Have Changed – Fr. Z’s Blog
Academic Condemnation on Amy Wax; Debate Obsolete – Mark Bauerlein, First Things
Here’s the Best (& Easiest) Concrete Way to Help Persecuted Christians – K. Hattrup, Aleteia
Turkey’s Mass Persecution of Christians & Kurds – Uzay Bulut, Gatestone Institute
Pope Francis: Historical-critical Study of Quran Would be Helpful – Aleteia
We Need to Reclaim the Word ‘Dignity’ from Assisted Suicide Movement – Francis Phillips, CH
The Latest Target of the Hate Police is Christopher Columbus – Vincenzina Santoro, Mrctrnt
How the Media Promotes (Some) Suicides – Wesley J. Smith J.D., First Things
50 Years after Summer of Love, Freedom Flourishes in San Fran, Not Affordable – J. Miller, CJ
Does Government Spending Create More Economic Growth? – Frank Shostak, Mises Institute
The Pope & The President & Their Similarities in Communication – P.J. Smith, First Things
Study Lays Out Growing Post-Christian Landscape of U.S. – Nicholas Wolfram Smith, NC Reg
Should U.S. Support Kurds’ Bid for Independence from Iraq? – Josh Shepherd, The Federalist
How America Can Keep From Losing in the South China Sea – Tuan N. Pham, The Diplomat
What is Price Gouging & Why is it Wrong? – Jennifer Fitz, National Catholic Register
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For the TVESDAY CATHOLICA EXTRA (5 September AD 2017) click here.
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