Tolerant of Libel? Turning the “Spotlight” on The Boston Globe

by Thomas J. Nash

of The Dispatch

via The Catholic World Report

The 15 Biggest Movie Bombs Of Summer 2017 – Brad Slager, The Federalist
‘Cheap Sex’: Mapping the New Mating Market – Helen M. Alvaré, Mercatornet
Another Ruthless Attack on a Pro-family Group – Jennifer Roback Morse, Mercatornet
What Our TV Shows Say About Us – Julie Machado, Catholic Stand
Jon Haidt Defends Amy Wax, Author of All Cultures are Not Equal & UPenn Backlash – Dreher
A Role for Government that Nobody Thinks About – Stephen M. Krason, Crisis Magazine
Thanks to Markets, Houston’s Disaster Isn’t as Bad as it Might Have Been – C. Westley, Mises
Knights Are Still Among Us – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic
Stop Blaming Houston’s Libertarian Zoning for Hurricane Harvey’s Ruin – G. Olmstead, Fdrlst
The Nashville Statement is Part of an Ecumenical Ecology of Man – Eduardo Echeverria, CWR
History as Tragedy & Farce: The Rise of Nationalism – Mark Malvasi, The Imaginative. . .
Mattis: No. Korea Threat Would Bring Massive Military Response – R. Burns & C. Lucey, Strm
Europe’s New Lie: Comparing Asylum Shelters to Nazi Concentration Camps – Giu. Meotti, GI
Pope, between His Beloved Latin America & Attraction Toward the East – A. Gagliarducci, MV
Organized Labor’s Adversarial Approach Failed Workers; Need a New Model – Oren Cass, CJ
Don’t Blame People For Harvey’s Devastation. Do Something To Help – Cheryl Magness, Fdrlst
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