Google Fires Engineer For Noticing Men & Women are Different

by Inez Feltscher

The Federalist

Sexual Liberation and the Emergence of Transhumanism – Sean Haylock, Crisis Magazine
Doctors Accuse Oz Med. Assoc. of Misleading Public on ‘Marriage Equality’ – M. Cook, Mrctrnt
What’s Wrong With Millennials? Partly, Their Parents’ Divorces – Joshua Charles, The Stream
On Hearing Sir James Macmillan’s “A European Requiem” – Fr. Z’s Blog
The Demographic Crisis in Australia – Leah Ruppanner, The Conversation via Mercatornet
Deforming Teens’ Moral Imagination – Rod Dreher, TAC Blogger
Asian Students Hide Race to Avoid Rejection Due to Race Based Adm. – H. Raleigh, The Fdrlst
Time to Repeal 17th Amendment & End Direct Election of Senators – Connor Mighell, Fdrlst
Has China’s Rise Topped Out? – Michael Shuman, Bloomberg View
A Coming Crisis Over Taiwan? – Andrew Tan, East Asia Forum
Parents, Not Schools, are Key to Our Children’s Knowledge Gap – Toby Young, The Spectator
Could the Soviet Union Have Survived into the 21st Century? – Samuel Bendett, TNI
4 Reasons to Pick a College That Won’t Destroy Your Principles – Chandler Lasch, The Fdrlst
The Only Solid Foundation for Human Rights is Natural Law – John Lawrence Hill, Mrctrnt
Like Charlie Gard, A Hospital Gave Up on Baby Dezmen – Micaiah Bilger,
Why the Culture Matters for Economic Flourishing – Joseph Sunde, Powerblog
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