The New York Times Just Attempted Suicide

by John Zmirak, Ph.D.

of The Stream

Trans Is Mainstreaming Blood-Drinking, Twerking 2nd-Graders; When Is Enough – K.T. Haver
Sirius-XM Sexualizes and Politicizes Classical Music – Paul Kengor, Crisis Magazine
Trouble Getting Along with Your Mother-in-Law? There’s a Reason Why – Jason Craig, Aleteia
Listen to Eastern Europe – Michael Brendan Dougherty, NRO
The Roots of Polarization: Politics Without Morality & the Transcendent End – V. Bradley Lewis
John Stuart Mill’s Intolerant Faith and the Religion of Liberalism – Samuel Gregg D.Phil, PD
Pics Show Mom’s Shock When She Gives Birth to First Boy in Family in 50 Years – Micaiah Bilger
An Old Nightmare Returns: The Balkans Simmer Again – Ted Galen Carpenter, TNI
Violent Words Have Turned to Violent Deeds – Michael Brown Ph.D., The Stream
Children Need Their Fathers, It’s That Simple – David Mills, The Stream
Items In Our Ongoing Civil War – William M. Briggs Ph.D., Statistician to the Stars!
When Will Shocking Violence be the Tipping Point? – Sheila Liaugminas, Mercatornet
Bernie Sanders: Christophobe and (Indirectly) Islamophobe – Fr. Mark A. Philon, TCT
A Liberal Education – Miguel Monjardino, The Imaginative. . .
Is Standardized Testing Good for Education? – Howard Merken Ph.D., The Imaginative. . .
The Principle of Solidarity & U.S. Healthcare: A Closer Look – Charles J. Gernazian J.D., CL
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