Russia’s Imperial Amnesia

by Kirk Bennett,

of The American Interest

France, Secularism & Religion: Macron Is a History Buff on Islam & Religious Strife – Erasmus
Socialism and Nationalism on the Danube – Owen Hatherley, Places
Why is Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro Still in Power? – S.G., The Economist
In Venezuela, Garbage Dumps have become Places to Eat – Catholic News Agency
Look at Their Democracy: The Pitfalls and Pitfalls of Democracy – Shalom Carmy, First Things
Air War: What If America’s Lethal F-35 Battled Russia’s Stealth PAK-FA or Su-35? – Schneider
Overpopulation? No, Delaying Marriage & Parenthood is Resulting in Too Few People – Life News
Where Has All the French Talent Gone – Philip Delves Broughton, The Wall Street Journal
Thousands of Pro-Lifers Flood the Streets in Canada’s March for Life – Micaiah Bilger, Lf Nws
The Annexation of Crimea Isn’t Going as Planned – Lily Hyde, Foreign Policy
Canada, the ‘Right to Die,’ and the Mentally Ill – Eric Metaxas & Roberto Rivera, The Stream
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