New Name for New Politics News Website

Caesar Augustus


Update 9:30 Pm U.S. Central Time, 9 August 2016:


Premier Politics

Prime Time Politics


Update 5:15 am U.S. Central Time, 6 August 2016:


Prime Politics

Power Politics


I like the two P’s in the name.  Also, Politics can be a derivative, such as Political Coliseum.




Update 12:35 pm U.S. Central Time, 3 August 2016:


On second thought, let’s keep the name generic and somehow have “politics” in the title.




Update 11:45 am U.S. Central Time, 3 August 2016:


I was thinking naming the website along the lines of the following:


Vital Politics

Politics World

Politics Update

Global Politics

World Politics




Salvete Readers!


In addition to the new civilization news website, I am going to restart the old ‘God & Caesar’ website, but with a new name.


I am open to any suggestions, so please place them in the comments below!  The guidelines are to make no reference to our faith, but the website will be everything about Catholicism and Politics. I am going to reach out to non-Catholics as well as Catholics to help broaden people’s horizons.


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