640px-Donald_Trump_Signs_The_Pledge_04Why Mister Donald J. Trump?

(Link Repaired)

Donald R. McClarey, J.D.,

of The American Catholic

Why Aren’t We Having a National Conversation About Leftist Violence? – David Harsanyi
50 Families Sue Over Illinois High School’s Transgender Bathroom Policy – Kelsey Harkness
A Guide for the Perplexed – Hadley Arkes Ph.D., The Catholic Thing
You Don’t Need “Meternity” Leave to Be Happy – Serena Sigillito, Public Discourse
Excellent Analysis from a Liberal and a Feminist on Today’s Youth Culture – Fr. Z’s Blog
The Crime of Nations: The Underappreciated Role of Family Factors – Robert VerBruggen
The Rise of the Anti-Culture and Losing the Culture War – Carl R. Trueman, First Things
Why Did Cruz Lose? From a Patriarchal Perspective – F.S. Lerner, Maccabee Society
E.S.P.N. Goes Full Stalin & “Disappears” Curt Schilling from Documentary – Matthew Archbold
What Would Life Be Like Without Capitalism? – Joe Carter, Power Blog
Ted & Carly, McCain & Palin Why the G.O.P. Establishment Lost the Culture War – David Pence
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