Saint Charles Borromeo“He Placed His Hand on His Breast and Would Bless None of Them”

by Fr. Timothy Finigan

of The Hermeneutic of Continuity

10 Ways to Annihilate Your Masculinity – Jared Zimmerer, Maccabee Society
The Ultimate Apologist’s Reading List – Trent Horn, Catholic Answers
Cliffs Notes on ‘The Imitation of Christ’ – The Saint’s Pub
The Eucharist: Overcoming the Forbidden Fruit – Ray Sullivan, Catholic Stand
Moral Standards and Amoral Standards – Mitchell Kalpakgian Ph.D., Truth and Charity Forum
On the Decline of Rural Life: An Empty Schoolhouse – Kevin Ford, The Distributist Review
Sex-Selection Abortions a Problem in Canada as Abortion Targets Girl Babies – Mike Schouten
A Sporting Difference: On Men’s and Women’s Athletics – Scott Yenor, Public Discourse
Dreams, Ideals, and Living Better Naturally – James Kalb, The Catholic World Report
Exploring the Multifaceted Marvel of Polyphony – Trent Beattie, National Catholic Register
What Does Conversation Have To Do With Prayer? – Lu Ann Simons, Practical Ponderings
Amoris Lætitia: Pope Francis’s The Joy of Love – Stephanie Pacheco, Truth & Charity Forum
Amoris Lætitia: The Infamous Footnote 351 – Big Pulpit (April 11, 2016)
Amoris Lætitia: Strong Reactions – Big Pulpit (April 12, 2016)
Amoris Lætitia Aftermath. . . Let Us Now Get Up Off the Ground – Big Pulpit (April 13, 2016)
Amoris Lætitia, The Joy of Love: Friday Update – Big Pulpit (April 15, 2016)
Amoris Lætitia, The Explanations Continue – Big Pulpit (April 17, 2016)
For the GOD & CAESAR THURSDAY EDITION (april 14, 2016) click here.
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For the SUNDAY EXTRA (April 17, 2016) click here.

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