Kneeling Altar Rail Holy Communion PriestThe Omission in that Haunts the Church, 1 Corinthians 11:27-29 and Amoris Laetitia

by Peter Kwasniewski, Ph.D.,

of New Liturgical Movement

My Visit to Fox News – Steve Skojec, One Peter 5
The Little Sister’s Last Stand for Religious Liberty – Bruce Frohnen, Crisis Magazine
Pope Francis Has the Best Emojis – Alex R. Hey, Epic Pew
Jane Austen Prays – Guy McClung J.D. Ph.D., Catholic Stand
The (John Allen’s) Crux of the Religion-News Business in the Age of the Internet – Tr. Mattingly
The Distinctiveness of Christianity – Howard Kainz, The Catholic Thing
Mirrors Darkly – Kevin Aldrich, Catholic Stand
Mother Angelica’s Private and Pithy Lessons from the Scriptures (Image Books) – Stuart Dunn
Pope Francis: When Giving to the Poor, Look Them in the Eyes – Ann Schneible, C.N.A.
Always Watching: Of Candles, Commands, and “The Joy of Love” – Rick Becker, N.C. Register
The Universal Destination Of Goods: The Good, The Greedy and The Robbers – Veronica Arntz
Amoris Lætitia, The Joy of Love: Sunday Update – Big Pulpit (April 10, 2016)
Amoris Lætitia: The Infamous Footnote 351 – Big Pulpit (April 11, 2016)
Amoris Lætitia: Strong Reactions – Big Pulpit (April 12, 2016)
Amoris Lætitia, The Joy of Love: Tuesday Update – Big Pulpit (April 12, 2016)
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