Marco RubioMarco Rubio Would be an Election Day Disaster

by Paul Zummo

of The American Catholic

Zika Does Not Justify Abortion or Contraception – National Catholic Bioethics Center
What Can the Church Do To Help Christians Under Threat from Muslims in Africa – Rb. Spencer
Bearing the Discomforts of Lent – Lauren Meyers, Ignitum Today
Unborn Babies Feel Anger and Joy, Psychotherapist’s Study Says – Kathy Schiffer, Life News
Lent and Love – Nicene Guy, Ignitum Today
At Father’s Funeral, Fr. Paul Scalia Proclaims Jesus Christ to Entire Nation – Joan F. Desmond
Risen Rises Above Most Faith-Based Films – Monica Migliorino Miller, Crisis Magazine
The Scalia Invitation – Fr. Paul Check, Real Clear Religion
What Good To Gain Whole World If You Lose Your Soul? Saying Yes to God’s Will – Stef. Jacobs
Why Is the Catholic Sex-life Everyone’s Business – Brad Fischetti, Catholic Sistas
The Roots of “Risen” Start in Iraq – Diane Montagna, Aleteia
Antonin Scalia, A Catholic Life Worth Living – Big Pulpit (February 21, 2016)
Pope Francis and Papal Approval of Contraception in Congo – Big Pulpit (February 21, 2016)
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