Saturday Extra: The Muslim Attack in Paris

Paris Muslim Attack Nov 13 2015Pope Francis: Paris Attacks are Part of ‘Piecemeal WWIII’

via The Catholic World Report

The Paris Attacks: The Consequence of Goodness Without Truth – Fr. Dwt. Longenecker
Vatican Condemns ‘Terrorist Violence and Hatred’ in Paris – Catholic Herald Magazine
Archbishop Lefebvre on the Muslim Immigration Into France – Fr. Z’s Blog
Miserere Nobis: A Plea for Conversion in the Midst of a World Crisis – Sam Guzman
Pope Francis: ‘There Is No Religious or Human Rational for This’ – The Dumb Ox
How Should One Respond? – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head
What to Expect After the Nov. 13 Paris Attacks – StratFor
The Paris Attacks: What We Know – Adam Chandler, Krishnadev Calamur & Matt Ford
France As the West Bank – Rod Dreher
Clock Ticks Toward Midnight, It’s Generic Terror; This Morning It’s All ISIS – T. Mattingly
Europe and Islam After the Muslim Paris Attacks – Big Pulpit (November 16, 2015)
U.S. Christian Gps. Prioritizing Muslim Refugees over Christians – Big Pulpit (Nov. 17, 2015)
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