Charles Martel Black and WhiteCharles Martel Aid Us!

by Donald R. McClarey, J. D.,

of The American Catholic

Islamic Terror Attacks in Paris: Prayers for the Dead and Wounded – Fr. Z’s Blog
Uncivil Discourse: A Call for Intellectual Humility – Randall Smith Ph. D., Pblc Discourse
Selective Compassion: The Dangerous Step the Pope Might Take – Phil Lawler, Cthlc Cltr
9 Things I Wish I Had Heard As A Child – Rich Lamm, Epic Pew
Wherein Cardinal Danneels Makes Excuses – Fr. Z’s Blog
The Worthy Reception of the Eucharist Neglected at the Synod – Fr. R. Scanlon OFM Cap
Evangelization’s Golden Key: Humility in Christ – James Hooper, Catholic Stand
Shining a ‘Spotlight’ on Yesterday’s Journalism – Anne Hendershott, The Dispatch
Dante’s and Boccaccio’s Contrasting Worldviews Expressed Through Song – Erin Cain, I. T.

Buckeye Catholic on a Mission – Trent Beattie, The National Catholic Register
Ignorance of Church History in Comparison to Islam – D. B., Omnia Vincit Veritas
Saturday Extra: The Muslim Attack in Paris – Big Pulpit (November 14, 2015)
The Decline of Europe and the Rise of Belligerent Islam – Big Pulpit (November 23, 2015)
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