Catholic Veil BigWhat Temperament Are You?

by Bernard Toutounji

of Ignitum Today


Iraqi Christians Have Lost Everything — Except Their Faith, Nun Tells Congress  Read more:  Iraqi Christians Have Lost Everything;

  Except Their Faith, Nun Tells Congress

  by Matt Hadro

  of The National Catholic Register



Pope Francis Thumbs Up  Leaving a Retreat #TheStruggleIsReal

  by Alex R. Hey

  of Epic Pew




Entire Hindu Village in Nepal Spared by the ‘Miracle of the Ordination’ – Anto Akkara
Bishop Lynch and the Dismantling of Summorum Pontificum – Brian Williams, One Peter 5
The Culture of Grievance & the Necessity of Gratitude – James Patrick, The Cth Wor Rep
High Schoolers Fight to Establish Pro-Life Clubs – Brian Fraga, OSV Newsweekly
Must I Become a Misogynist ‘Man’ to be a ‘Liberated’ Woman? – Cynthia Millen, Cthlc Stnd
Pres Obama Promises to Veto Bill That Would Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks – Cassy Fiano
Does the Church Have a Stake in the T. P. P. Trade-Bill Debate? – Joan Frawley Desmond
The History of Pentecost – Dennis Emmons, OSV Newsweekly
Book Giveaway: What Went Wrong With Vatican II – Sh. McAfee, Epic Pew (Ends May 22)
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