Pope Francis Speaking Wide PicJunipero Serra: Pope Francis Ruffles Some Feathers

by Donald R. McClarey, JD,

of The American Catholic


Young Catholic Priest  Report: 20% Increase in the Number of

  Men to be Ordained Priests in 2015

  by Carl E. Olson

  of The CWR Blog



Our Lady of Walsingham Shrine Houston Square Pic  Quiz: Which American Shrine Should You Visit?

  by Tatiana Federoff

  of Epic Pew




The Coming Persecution: The Ascendancy of Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Militancy – Stv. Skojec
Why Sleepy Prayers Have Value – Michele Chronister, Ignitum Today
The Sophism of the Homosexual ‘Rights’ Movement – David Rummelhoff, Dead Phil Soc
Joining the Fellowship: Catholic Lessons from Tolkien – Anna Rose Meeds, Cthlc Stand
Debunking the Conspiracy Theory: Why Jesus’ Disciples Didn’t Lie – Peter Kreeft PhD, SN
What Will Our Resurrected Bodies Be Like? – Monsignor Charles Pope
Rod Dreher Should Come Back to the Catholic Church – Ed Peters JD, Canon Law Blog
I Love the Movie ‘Little Boy – Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report
The Gospel of Nicodemus in the Liturgy of Eastertide – Gregory DiPippo PhD, Nw Lt Mv
Book Giveaway: What Went Wrong With Vatican II – Sh. McAfee, Epic Pew (Ends May 22)
The Supreme Court and So-Called Same-Sex Marriage – Big Pulpit (5-18-15)
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