Antoni Gaudi Sagrada Familia Basilica The saintly architect who unsettles atheistsAntoni Gaudi: The Saintly Architect Who Unsettles Atheists

by Francis Phillips

of Catholic Herald Magazine


Catholic Homeschool Classical Program  Another Good Reason to Home School:

  Socialization as a Religious Phenomenon

  by Gary L. Welton, PhD,

  of The CWR Blog



Nashville Dominican Nuns  #ThankANunDay

  by Tatiana Federoff

  of Epic Pew




How to Approach Spiritual Warfare, According to Teresa of Avila – Daniel Burke, The Reg
Four Common Tactics of the Devil – Monsignor Charles Pope, Aleteia∝
S. N. A. P. Targets Father Lockwood; Prayers Needed – Steve Skojec, One Peter 5
The Crises of Saints – Jeffrey L. Morrow PhD, Crisis Magazine
‘All Tolerance (of the Traditional Latin Mass) Ends Here’ – Patrick McKinley Brennan JD
Young Pro-Life Leaders Gather at Camp Joshua, Nevada – H. L. Duncan, Catholic Stand
Controversy Over Junipero Serra Sainthood: Not All Media Settle for Reporting  – J. Davis
A Fatima Novena for the Conversion of Muslims – Trent Auguston, One Peter 5
Sorry, ‘Left Behind’ Fans, ‘The Rapture’ Is Not in the Bible – John Martignoni, Aleteia∝
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