Pope Francis’ ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy Against Sexual Abuse Is Questioned after Appointing a Bishop Involved in a Pedophile Scandal

by William Doino Jr.

of First Things


Syrian Girl’s ‘Surrender’ Puts a Face on Plight of Refugee Children  Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/syrian-girls-surrender-puts-a-face-on-plight-of-refugee-children#ixzz3WZF8NdDj  Syrian Girl’s ‘Surrender’ Puts a Face

  on Plight of Refugee Children

  by Elise Harris

  of The National Catholic Register


Motherhood and Career  The Plight of the Catholic Working Mother

  by Jo Anna Wahlund

  of Catholic Stand



Sistine Statue Pic  Sharing the Treasures of Humanity with the Poor

  by Cristina Montes

  of Ignitum Today



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L. G. B. T. Advocacy Group Funds Religious News Service (RNS) – Kevin Jones, C. N. A.
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Lynch Mobs, Moral Bullies, and Homosexuals  – BigPulpit.com (4-6-15)
For the MONDAY GOD & CAESAR EDITION (4-6-15) click here.

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