Did St. Hildegard prophesy today's crisis in the world and Church?Did Saint Hildegard Prophesy Today’s Crisis in the World and Church?

by Frank Rega

of The Shield of Faith


Movie Review: Do You Believe? – Jamey Brown, Catholic Stand
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How the Church Is Portrayed as a Ship in Theology & Architecture – Philip Kosloski
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Lamenting Loss of Family-Owned Grocery – Tom Purcell, Catholic Lane
Celibacy in Question, Again – Brad Miner, The Catholic Thing
Coming Clean About My Latin Problem – Steve Skojec, One Peter 5
Delusions the Devil Suggests to Sinners – Daniel Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction
Saint Joseph: His Increasing Importance in Our Times – Father Stanley Smolenski SPMA
Abortion: In the Bible or Not? – The Unconventional Catholic
Giveaway: Handbook of Catholic Apologetics – Shaun McAfee, Epic Pew (Ends May 1)
Synod on the Family 2015 March Updates – (3-30-15)
Indiana, Same-Sex ‘Marriage’, and the End of Tolerance – (4-2-15)
The Supreme Court & Same-Sex ‘Marriage’: Day of Destiny – Big Pulpit (4-27-15)
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