Synod on the Family 2015: March Updates

The rise of the neo-Lutherans: Will there be a schism?The Rise of the Neo-Lutherans: Will There be a Schism?

by The Motley Monk

of The American Catholic


Cardinal Koch Slams Spirit of Vatican II Synod Clerics – Donald R. McClarey JD
German Bishops Threaten Schism If Demands Are Not Met – Patrick Archbold, The Reg
Crd. Müller to Crd. Marx: Bishops’ Conferences Are Not the Magisterium – C. Bunderson
Cardinal Müller: The Idea of a National Church Is ‘Totally Heretical’ – La Croix (French)
Surreal: Crd. Nichols Blasts Priests for Publicly Supporting Church Teaching – C. E. Olson
British Priests Have Canonical Rights, Too – Dr. Ed Peters, In the Light of the Law
Crd. Müller: It Would be ‘Anti-Catholic’ to Let Bishops’ Confs. Decide Doctrine – Cth Hrl
We Must Resist a Very Bad Idea Emerging from the German Church – Fr. Al. Lucie-Smith
The Case for a Fair, Free and Authentic Synod Debate – Edward Pentin, The Register
Books on Synod Publishers Suing Each Other – Fr. Z’s Blog
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