Synod 2015: Cardinal Kasper, Germans & Cardinal Nichols

Cardinal Kasper Braces for Synod ‘Battle’Is Pope Francis Turning Away from Kasper and to Caffarra?

by Father John Zuhlsdorf

of Fr. Z’s Blog


Cardinal Kasper Braces for Synod ‘Battle’ – Father Dwight Longenecker, The Register
Cardinal Kasper: Will Flattery Get Him Somewhere? – Dr. Jeff Mirus, Catholic Culture
Is Pope Francis Distancing Himself from Cardinal Kasper? – Sandro Magister, Chiesa
Crd. Burke: ‘It’s Clear’ Synod was Manipulated by Those ‘Pushing an Agenda’ – J. Smits
Crd Kasper Responds to First Things Review of ‘Mercy’ – Crd. Kasper & Fr. D. Moloney
The Sheer Arrogance of the German Bishops – Fr. Z’s Blog
German Bishops Pushing Hard to Overturn the Church’s Doctrine – Fr. Z’s Blog
Hundreds of Priests State ‘Unwavering Fidelity’ to Church’s Doctrine – Edward Pentin
Why I Signed the Letter Urging the Synod to Stand Firm on Marriage – Fr. A. Lucie-Smith
Crd. Nichols Attempts to Silence Faithful Priests, This will Backfire – Damian Thompson
Ideals and Norms – Russell Shaw, The Catholic World Report
Synod on the Family 2015: March Updates – (3-30-15)
For the SUNDAY GOD & CAESAR EDITION (3-29-15) click here.
For the MONDAY AFTERNOON EDITION (3-30-15) click here.

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