Concerns about Cremation: Some Very Strange Practices Are EmergingConcerns about Cremation: Strange Practices are Emerging

by Monsignor Charles Pope


Open Letter Mail  Fight All Error: An Open Letter to All Catholic Bloggers

  and Publishers

  by John McNichol

  of Catholic Stand


How Can Daily Mass Attendance Become A Reality Beyond Lent?  Read more:  How Can Daily Mass Attendance Become A Reality

  Beyond Lent?

  by John M. Grondelski

  of The National Catholic Register


Demystifying the Pope Francis Enigma – Msgr. Hans Feichtinger, Crisis Magazine
Untying the Pope Francis “Knot”, Some Analysis – Fr. Z’s Blog
Who Are Pope Francis’s Critics? – Ross Douthat, The New York Times
Natural Law & the Unity & Truth of Sexual Ethics, Attn: Gary Gutting – Finnis & George
Untangling the Mystery of the Bird & the Cross in a Masterpiece – Philip Jenkins, Alt∝
What’s the Difference Between Solemnities, Feasts, and Memorials? – Jonathan Teixeira
Liturgical PSA: Only Men for the Holy Thursday Mandatum – Ben Yanke, New Lit Mov
On “The Paradox Of Abundance” – Father James V. Schall SJ, The Catholic Thing
Compassion Always, Compromise Never: Why Spokane’s New Bishop Will Be Great – MC
Synod on the Family 2015 March Updates – (3-30-15)
Indiana, Same-Sex ‘Marriage’, and the End of Tolerance – (4-2-15)
For the SUNDAY GOD & CAESAR EDITION (3-29-15) click here.
For the MAUNDY THURSDAY EDITION (4-2-15) click here.

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