Georgetown University Catholic Wide PicGeorgetown and the Death of Moral Discourse

by Carl R. Trueman

of First Things


Pope Francis with Holy Smoke  Pope Francis on the Grace of

  Examination of Conscience

  by Ann Schneible

  of The National Catholic Register


Abby Johnson Wide Pic  Is That You, God?

  by Abby Johnson

  of Epic Pew



Why Pope Francis Is Speaking Out Against Gender Theory – Dale O’Leary, Aleteia∝
Six Tips for Keeping Kids Catholic – Jeremy & Michelle Dart, Restless Press
The Treasure of Silence – Susan Anne, Catholic Stand
Four Lessons from Downton Abbey’s Fifth Season – Joan Desmond Frawley, The Reg
Quæritur: Confession and Absolution Via Text Message? Phone? VOIP? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Cross, Shroud, Gospel: C. N. N. Looks at the Evidence – John Burger, Aleteia∝
Moral Relativism in Elementary Schools & “Genocide” in the Old Testament – Tho. Van
Things that have Helped Me when Marriage Is Hard – Erin Franco, Humble Handmaid
One Marriage, the State and God – H. L. Duncan, Catholic Stand
Epic Giveaway: A.D. Books – Shaun McAfee, Epic Pew
The Islamic State Is Exterminating Christians and Civilization – BigPulpit.com (3-2-15)
For the TUESDAY BYZANTINE EDITION (3-3-15) click here.

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