10 Reasons it’s Great to be Catholic 10 Reasons It’s Great to be Catholic

by Patti Maguire Armstrong

of Epic Pew


Father Thomas Rosica Original Pic  Father Thomas Rosica Threatening to Sue a

  Prominent Catholic Blogger for Defending

  the Truth on the Synod of the Family

  by Donald R. McClarey, JD, of The American Catholic


Baby Vaccination Square Pic  Some Efficacious Vaccines are Produced Unethically

  by Dr. Jay Carpenter, MD,

  of Crisis Magazine



Michele Ferrero: What Does It Mean to Be Rich? – Dawn Carpenter, Catholic Stand
What’s the Meaning of 12 & 7 Baskets Left Over f/Feeding of 5000 & 4000? – T. Marshall
Perinatal Hospice – Tammy Ruiz, Catholic Stand
Book Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth – Siobhan Benitez, Ignitum Today
Walking Behind My Dad – Lisa Shefferly-Gillay, Catholic Stand
Review: Lenten Adventure by Holy Heroes – Jessica McAfee, Epic Pew
Mass Homilies Must Not be Improvised Entertainment, Says Vatican – Conor Gaffey, CH
Classical Education Can Purge a Multitude of Sins – Anthony Esolen, Crisis Magazine
Is Religion Responsible for the World’s Violence? – Joe Heschmeyer
Prepare for Lent – (2-16-15)
I. S. I. S. Declares War on Civilization – (2-17-15)
The Islamic State Is Exterminating Christians and Civilization – (3-2-15)
U. S. Supreme Court’s Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Saga – (3-5-15)
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