Battle of Lepanto Wide PicLepanto Is Ready for Its Close Up Mr. DeMille

by Donald R. McClarey, JD,

of The American Catholic


Woman Praying Square Pic  Emotional Discipline (My Recovery From Addiction)

  by Theresa Williams

  of Ignitum Today



Pope Francis One Man One Woman Marriage Original Pic  Pope Francis to Married Couples: Discover the Joy

  and Happiness of Having a Large Family

  by Diane Montagna

  of Aleteia∝


Strength from Solidarity – Annie Deddens, Catholic Stand
When Repentance Looks Like A Shower – Sarah Babbs, Ignitum Today
God’s Scars – Nicholas Senz, Catholic Stand
Pope Francis: Reformer or Renewer? – Father Dwight Longenecker, Aleteia∝
The Media Must Invest in Journalists who Understand Religion – Conor Gaffey, Ct
Italian Health Minister: “We are a Dying Country” – Matthew Archbold, Crt Min Rep
Controversy Over Female Altar Servers – Jeff Ostrowski, Views from the Choir Loft
The Red and Lowering Sky – Patrick Archbold, The National Catholic Regsiter
New Vermont Bishop’s Controversial Comments about Transgender Persons – D. Warren
Prepare for Lent – BigPulpit.com (2-16-15)
The Islamic State Is Exterminating Christians and Civilization – BigPulpit.com (3-2-15)
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