Two Praying Painting Wide PicQuiz: What Type of Prayer Is Best for You?

by Tatiana Federoff

of Epic Pew


Soon-to-Be Saint’s Statue Too ‘Controversial’ for U.S. Capitol?  Read more:  Soon-to-Be Saint’s Statue Too ‘Controversial’

  for U. S. Capitol?

  by Kevin J. Jones

  of The National Catholic Register


Unhappy Child Square Pic  The Problem Of Spanking

  by Richard W. Cross

  of Catholic Education Resource Center



Raymond Cardinal Burke Final Wide Pic  Wherein Cardinal Burke Clarifies what

  Reasonable People Already Knew

  by  Father John Zuhlsdorf

  of Fr. Z’s Blog


Indifference to the Dignity of Work – Dawn Carpenter, Catholic Stand
A Deep Charismatic Spirituality – Jason Theobald, Ignitum Today
Conspiracies & Catholicism: Hitler’s Pope – Foxfier, Catholic Stand
Some Trads Walk Into A Gay Bar – Patrick Archbold, The National Catholic Register
What on Earth Is Pope Francis Up To and Why? – Fr. Z’s Blog
When Raising Kids: First Place the Oxygen Mask Over Your Own Mouth – Ed Rogers, PC
Shooting Down Myths about Crusades, Inquisition & War on Women – Susan E. Wills
The Many ‘Shades’ of Christian Love – Brian Callfield, Fathers for Good
Synod 2015: Spirit of Vatican II vs. The Word – (2-9-15)
The Clash of Civilizations: Christianity and Islam – (2-10-15)
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