Cringe Christian Music Wide PicTerrible Cringe-worthy Christian Music Videos

by Matthew Bauer

of Epic Pew


Pope Francis Speaking Original Pic  Pope Francis: ‘The Gospel Has the Power to Change Life’

  via The National Catholic Register




Bishops Criticize ‘Perverse’ Depiction of St. Thomas More in Wolf Hall – Simon Caldwell
Waking Up the World Through the Year for Consecrated Life – Father Roger Landry
Stephen Fry Is Wrong: Without God, the World Would be Worse Off – Fr. Ed Tomlinson
Colorado’s Contentious Confections – Wayne Laugesen, The National Cthlc Register
Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science – Doctor Edward Feser, Strange Notions
Burying the Dead: A Memorial and a Pledge of Future Salvation – Mark P. Shea, The Reg
Women, The Cosmos, and Cosmetics – John Médaille, Catholic Lane
Abolitionism & Pro-Life: Failure Precedes Success – Elaine Krewer, The Amrcn Catholic
Catholic Calvinism and Suffering – Saint Etheldreda’s Place
Why No Community In America? – Saint Etheldreda’s Place
Prepare for Lent – BigPulpit.com (2-16-15)
I. S. I. S. Declares War on Civilization – BigPulpit.com (2-17-15)
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