Melchizedek Mosaic Wide PicWho Was Melchizedek?

by Judith Babarsky

of Epic Pew


Nancy Pelosi  Archbishop Cordileone Lays Down

  the (Canon) Law on Nancy Pelosi

  by Father John Zuhlsdorf

  of Fr. Z’s Blog


Submission in Marriage can be a Virtue  A Midlife Marriage Is an Interesting Thing

  by Tammy Ruiz

  of Catholic Stand



What the Holy Father Said About Rabbits and Why – Jennifer Roback Morse, The Reg
Why I Chose Homeschooling – Elise Ehrhard, Catholic Exchange
Fr. Richard McBrien & ‘Speak No Ill of the Dead’ – Jeff Ostrowski, Views f/the Choir Lft
The Rape Exception: Getting to the Roots of Abortion – Birgit Jones, Catholic Stand
Reverberations Continue From Pope’s ‘Rabbits’ Remark – Edward Pentin, The Register
Epic Book Giveaway: Overcoming Sinful Anger – Epic Pew (ends January 30)
Cardinal Marx the Sophist on Evangelii Gaudium – Fr. Z’s Blog
The Execution of King Louis XVI of France – Jim Bryant, Regina Magazine
Walk for Life West Coast Draws 50,000 – Joan Frawley Desmond, The Register
Salon.com Proclaims Supposed Death of Pro-Life Catholicism – Anne Hendershott
Last Things on Synod 2014, Looking Ahead to Synod 2015 – BigPulpit.com (1-22-15)
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