Bury the Dead Corporal Work of Mercy Square Pic TransparentThe Forgotten Corporal Work of Mercy

by Tammy Ruiz

of Catholic Stand


Cardinal Dolan  Why Is Cardinal Dolan Even Considering

  Closing a Parish with Packed Sunday Masses,

  Long Confessional Lines, & Thriving

  by Joan Frawley Desmond of The Register


Three Magi Kings  Who are the Magi and

  are They “Three Kings”?

  by Brant Pitre of The Sacred Page


fasting-and-prayer  What the Early Church Fathers

  Said About Fasting

  by an Epic Guest on Epic Pew

Curiosity, Wonder & Wisdom – J. C., Ignitum Today
Crd Burke on the Catholic Man-Crisis & What To Do about It – Christoff
The Fundamental Good of Complementarity in Marriage – J. P. Shimek
What Do Traditionalists Want? – William Bornhoft, Catholic Lane
Defending the Truth About Marriage – Tom Piatak, Crisis Magazine
‘I Am An Innocent Man Wrongly Convicted’ – David F. Pierre Jr., TMR
Mario Cuomo: A Mortal & Sinful Man – Steve Skojec, One Peter 5
France & Islam: Islamist Terror Strikes Paris – BigPulpit.com (1-7-15)
The Tipping Point of Islam – BigPulpit.com (1-14-15)
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For the WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON EDITION (1-14-15) click here.

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