Does Religion Really Have a “Smart-People Problem”?Does Religion Really Have

a “Smart-People Problem”?

by Father Robert Barron

of Strange Notions


Superman Square Pic Transparent  Superdad: Seven Tips to Help You Reach

  Superhero Status at Home

  by Rich Lamm of Epic Pew


Pope Francis Warm Clothing Wide Pic  Pope Francis’ New Cardinals

  Reflect Church’s Minorities

  by Elise Harris of The Register


Mario Cuomo, 1932-2015: His Controversial Legacy  Mario Cuomo 1932-2015:

  His Controversial Legacy

  by Joan Frawley Desmond of The Register


The Joy of a New Year – Nicole DeMille, Epic Pew
Does Crd. Marx Know His Faith? – Donald R. McClarey JD, TACatholic
How To Legally Beat Up A Little Sister – Howard Duncan, Cthlc Stand
First New Church in Turkey in Nearly a Century – Max Lindenman
Is the Culture of Death Leading to WWIII?Paul Strand, CBN News
Consumers Kept in Dark w/ HHS Abortion Surcharge Rules – Mt. Hadro
Book Giveaway: The Kingdom of Patria – Shaun McAfee, Epic Pew
Zimbabwe: Poverty Is the Church’s Biggest Enemy – Reinhard Backes
Rumbling & Blundering about Papal Climate Change – Thomas Peters
France & Islam: Islamist Terror Strikes Paris – (1-7-15)
Christendom & Responding to Muslim Terror – (1-9-15)
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