Mistakes Catholics Make

in Defending Catholicism

via ChurchPOP


Crusader Shield  Why the Crusaders Went

  by Steve Weidenkopf

  of Catholic Answers


Murillo Adoration of the Shepherds Square Pic  Keeping the Memory of Christmas and

  Resisting the Siren Call of Our Culture

  by Randy Hain of The Integrated Catholic Life™


Diocese to Lose $2 Million in Teacher’s I.V.F. Lawsuit – P. J. Smith
And the Word Became Flesh. . . – Fr. Robert Johansen, Crisis Mgzn
Anyone Who Was Forgotten This Christmas? – Msgr. Charles Pope
Anti-Catholic Event B4 Christian Unity Week at Lutheran Church – Fr Z
Thomas Aquinas Booming in China – William Carroll, Public Discourse
Why Do Nativity Scenes Cause Such Hatred? – Rorate Cæli
Standing in Confessional Line – Kev. LeRoy, The Cthlc Renaissance
If Guys Ran Christmas. . . – Matthew Archbold, The Register
How the Catholic Church Saved Hanukkah – Joseph Heschmeyer
Family and Marriage – (12-22-14)
France & Islam: Islamist Terror Strikes Paris – (1-7-15)
Christendom & Responding to Muslim Terror – (1-9-15)
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