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Prison Inmates Participate in Gift Exchange With Pope Francis  Read more: Inmates Participate in Gift Exchange

With Pope Francis

via The National Catholic Register


Murillo Adoration of the Shepherds Square Pic  Learning from the Shepherds at Midnight Mass

  by Fr. Roger J. Landry

  of The Integrated Catholic Life™


The ExpectationDaniel Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction
Preparing a Room for Christ – Michelle Fritz, Catholic Stand
Venite Adoremus, Dominum! – Carl E. Olson, The Cthlc World Report
Veni Veni – Thomas L. McDonald, God and the Machine
Review: A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols – Mark Nowakowski
Feast Day of St. Adam and St. Eve – Saint Etheldreda’s Place
The Nativity of Christ: Its Historic Reality – Fr. James V. Schall SJ
Messianic Prophecies: Isaiah 40: 1-5 – Donald R. McClarey JD, TACth
11 Unlikely Carollers – Ryan Mayer, Epic Pew
A Real-Life “Wonderful Life” Story – Dcn. Kurt Godfryd, Aleteia∝
Family and Marriage – (12-22-14)
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Catholic Priest Collar Wide PicTough Love about the Priest Shortage

by Father John Zuhlsdorf

of Fr. Z’s Blog


Pope Francis Smiling to the Left Square Pic  Front Row With Francis:

  The Domestic Church

  by Carlos X of Catholic Lane


Wreckovation in London Square Pic  What Priest Thought It Good to Whitewash,

  Trash Statues & Tear Out Altars?

  via Fr. Z’s Blog


Persecuted Christians: Their Struggle Is Also OursRachel Lu
God & an Extra 30 Minutes of Your Time? – Fr. Robert McTeigue SJ
Readings for Christmas Mass at Midnight – Michael Barber, TSP
A Paragon of Lit’l Trad’n & Unintended Effects – Msgr. Charles Pope
Law and Order in the Spotlight – Peter Jesserer Smith, The Register
Something New Under the Sun? – Bob Drury, Catholic Stand
Church Faces Immigration Challenge with New Congress – Pt. J. Smith
Movie Review: ‘Unbroken’ – Steven D. Greydanus, The Register
Watch: Midnight Christmas Mass @ Vatican w/ Pope Francis – ChPOP
Family and Marriage – (12-22-14)
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“The Mystery of His Nativity”

by Father James V. Schall, SJ,

of The Catholic World Report


A Short Christmas Story   A Short Christmas Story

  by Steve Robinson

  of Epic Pew



Pope Francis Smiling and Waving Square Pic  Watching “A Christmas Carol”

  with Pope Francis

  by Nick Alexander


Christmas, Xmas & Yuletide: 5 Things to Know & Share – Jimmy Akin
Mary & the Love that Casts out Fear – Megan Twomey, Ignitum Tdy
The Lord is Coming; Take Him to Your Heart – Anthony Lilles, CSD
Why Is Christmas a Nighttime Event? – Msgr. Charles Pope
The Trial of Joseph – Daniel Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction
Loneliness & Christmas Enchantment – Joe Bissonnette, Crisis Mgzn
How Salvation Is Like Marriage – Victor Ajluni MD, Catholic Stand
G. K. Chesterton & Santa Claus – Catherine Harmon, The CWR Blog
Victory Over the War on Christmas – Shane Schaetzel, FIChM
Family and Marriage – (12-22-14)
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