A Romantic Yearning for Our Eucharistic LordA Romantic Yearning for Our Eucharistic Lord

by Richard Becker

of Crisis Magazine


Arab Christian  The Arab World’s Vanishing Christians

  by Christian C. Sahner

  of Project Syndicate


Advent and the Four Comings of Christ  Advent and the Four Comings of Christ

  by Sam Guzman

  of The Catholic Gentleman


Pope Francis Looking Up in the Sky Square Pic  Who Is Pope Francis?

  Interview with Austin Ivereigh

  by Kathryn Jean Lopez


Reclaim Beauty: Revitalize Thru Architecture & Art – Jos. Pronechen
On the Restoration of Chartres Cathedral – Lucas Viar, New Lit Mov
The New Hi Tech Bishop of Burlington – Brandon Vogt
Do You Get Cheated if Your Birthday Is Christmas Day? – Str. Smith
Could You Not Stay Awake for One Hour? – Ryan Kraeger, Igntm Tdy
NRLB & the Lost Soul of U.S. Catholic Higher Ed. – The Motley Monk
Video Reflection for Advent Week 4 – Shaun McAfee, Epic Pew
Texas Protects Christians w/ Merry Christmas Law – Kathy Schiffer
Family and Marriage – (12-22-14)
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For the FRIDAY EVENING EDITION (1-2-15) click here.

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