Day: October 16, 2014

Family of the Synod Late Night Drama

Kasper Appalled, Denies Africa Comments Caught on Tape – Schmitz
What’s the Dissidents Next Move? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Crd. Pell: We Won’t Give Up to the Secular Agenda – Carl E. Olson
Say It’s So, Joe, Say It’s So – Dr. Ed Peter, In the Light of the Law
Relatio Gays Section Revised in English Version – Kathy Schiffer
The Conclusions of the Synod’s Small Groups – Rorate Cæli
The Synod, the Faith & the ‘Reluctantly Divorced’ – Bill Maguire
How a Synod Is Run: The Order for a Synod – Gregory DiPippo, NLM
Past & Present Conceptions of Tradition – Joshua Brotherton, H&PR
What’s a “Synod”? The Vatican Explains the Basics – Kathy Schiffer
Diocesan Synods Offer Opportunities for Church Renewal – JP Shimek
Crd. Burke Fighting Synod of the Media – Als. Gnocchi, Il Foglio
Synod on Family: Pope Francis & Crd. Kasper – (10-18-14)
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Changes Coming Immediately to the Synod

Bps Under Pressure f/Kasperites to Modify Views or Else – M. Tosatti
How the Synod & Vatican Council II Compare? – Jms. Hitchcock
A “Lambeth Moment” for the Synod – Fr. Mark A. Pilon, The Cth Thg
Bishops Indicate Move Towards Rewrite of Relatio – And. Gagliarducci
What the Synod Relatio Didn’t Say & How It Didn’t Say It – Kt. O’Hare
Bruno Forte Responsible for Homosexual Section of Relatio – RCæli
Cardinal Balidsseri Caves In to Demands for More Transparency – Fr. Z
Nigerians Pleads for Respect of African Bishops Views – O. Ekeocha
What About Divorced Catholics Who Don’t Remarry? – J. Desmond
Listening for the Holy Spirit at the Synod – Fr. Richard Heilman, 1P5
The Real Dilemma: Indissolubility or Divorce – Sandro Magister
Gradualism: I am “Exhibit A” – Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble, PbT
Evidence Emerges of an Engineered Synod – (10-15-14)
The Walter Cardinal Kasper Synod Saga – (10-15-14)
Family of the Synod Late Night Drama – (10-16-14)
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