The Four Sections of Hell and Christ’s Descent into Hell According to Saint Thomas Aquinas

courtesy Taylor Marshall, PhD


Cardboard Box Homeless St Marys  Cardboard Box City Raises

  Awareness of Homelessness

  by John Burger of Aleteia∝


Skyscraper Workers  The Death of Our Family Wage Culture

  by Dusty Gates

  of Crisis Magazine


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A Tribute to James Foley – Sr. Mary Rose, Dead Philosophers Soc.
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New Almanac Hopes to Save America’s Catholic Heritage – Kate Veik
Flawless or Holiness; What’s a Parent to Do? – Bob Waruszewski, IT
In the Fullness of Time: The Fullness of Family – Js. K. Woodard PhD
Synod on the Family: Fiasco Continues – (10-15-14)
Evidence Emerges of an Engineered Synod – (10-15-14)
The Walter Cardinal Kasper Synod Saga – (10-15-14)
Synod on the Family 2014 Post Mortem – (10-19-14)
Pope Blessed Paul VI & Humanae Vitae – (10-19-14)
Synod on the Family, Crd. Kasper & More! – (10-20-14)
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