10 Quotes from Padre Pio on the Blessed Virgin Mary 10 Quotes from Padre Pio

on the Blessed Virgin Mary

by Tom Perna


Cardinal Kasper  Streamlined Annulment Of Marriages or Jesus

  by Patrick Archbold

  of the National Catholic Register


Dr Edward Peters  Regarding the Synod, Underlying Debate Is

  Sex Outside of Marriage & Homosexual Acts

  via Fr. Z’s Blog


Being Globally Generous – Fr. James Melnick, Catholic Stand
The Deeper Meaning of the Parable of the Talents – Fr. Robert Barron
What Does the Church Teach About the Devil? – Jn. Frawley Desmond
LA Dioc Acknowledges Paying Bogus Abuse Claims – The Media Report
In Defense of Gentlemanly Things – Jason Craig, The Cthlc Gntlmn
Nicole DeMille Conversion and Life-After – Shaun McAfee
Go Home and Love Your Family – Rachana Chhin, Ignitum Today
Quotes Unworthy of Framing: Bp. Fulton Sheen – D. R. McClarey JD
Should We Really Be “All About That Bass?” – Alex Johannigman

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