Day: September 18, 2014



House Authorizes Arming, Training of Syrian Rebels – USA Today

Assyrian Ch of E. Bp.: Why Christianity is Vital in Middle East – AINA

Edmonton’s Coptic Christians Welcomes Pp. Tawadros II – EJ

Bl. Velychkovsky Named Patron of Prison Ministry – BC Catholic

The Foolishness of the Cross – Met. Khodr, Notes on Arab Orthodoxy

Canadian P. M. Meets Pope Tawadros II – P. M. Press Release

OCA Holy Synod: Canonical Restructuring Proposals – OCA

When Orthodox Theologians Theologize Like Protestants – Mystagogy

St Feofil: Leave Vanity of This World – Jas. Liske, Death to the World

What Makes a Priest Rejoice at Confession – Hieromonk Nektary


Cardinal Dolan's Astonishing Naivete Cardinal Dolan, “Caving In to Pressure”

by Kevin O’Brien of Waiting for Godot to Leave


How To Write For the National Catholic Reporter  How to Write for the National Catholic Reporter

  by Christopher Johnson

  of the Midwest Conservative Journal


How To Comment On The Pope, If At All  Pope Francis Told Crd. Müller He Is “Irritated”

  with New Pro-Marriage Book?

  of La Croix Newspaper (France)


The Rumor of Cardinal Burke’s Demotion – Fr. Z’s Blog
On Bp Tobins Thoughtful Post on Divorced, Remarried
– Dr. Ed Peters
Cardinal Dolan Responds & I’m Glad I Stayed Quiet – Shaun McAfee
Does God Reward His Workers? 25th Sun. in OT – John Bergsma
Homosexual Acts Not Approved by Church, Here’s Why – Msgr. Pope
Annulment Reform Smart Bet at Synod of Bishops – John L. Allen Jr.
Regensburg Vindicated – George Weigel, Denver Catholic Register
More Nunsense From ‘Time,’ HuffPost & ‘U. S. News’ – Ann Carey
Islamist Plot, Pope Francis Still Prepares to Visit Albania – Aleteia∝
Links on Synod for Family: Remarried & Divorced – Big Pulpit (9-16-14)
Morality and Same-Sex Attraction – (9-30-14)
Everything You Want to Know About Angels – (10-2-14)
Synod on the Family Debate Heats Up – (10-2-14)
Synod on the Family Debate Continues – (10-3-14)
Synod on the Family Update: October 5 – (10-5-14)
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