cropped-thomas-family-black-and-white-beachWhy I Never Should Have Had 8 Children – Leila Miller, Catholic Stand

The Most Exclusive Job in the World: How to Become Pope – ChurchPOP
The Power of the Eucharist & Prayer in Fight Against Evil – Janet Moore
Patriarchs Urge West Stop Extinction of Middle East Christians – The CH
Crux Website Off to a Not So Good Start – Fr. Z’s Blog (link fixed)
Blackfen: New Priest Hostile to TLM, Implements Spirit of Vatican II – RC
What Happens When the State Makes Itself as a Religion – Crd. George
Synod of the Family & USCCB: Oh No! – Donald R. McClarey JD, TACthlc
Are We Catholics First or Americans First? – Aleteia∝
Ted Cruz Put Lives at Risk at In Defense of Christians Summit – PJ Smith
How to Design a Church for the Poor – Duncan Stroik, Aleteia∝
Beyond the Headlines of Domestic Violence – Jessie Tappel, TaChF
Did Jesus’ Relatives Emigrate to Ancient Iraq? – Philip Jenkins, Aleteia∝
On Catholicism & Freemasonry in 1738 – David L. Gray
Faith and Mystery – J. C., Ignitum Today 16
Politico Slams Crd. Dolan in Letter to Apostolic Nuncio – Dallas Catholic
Links on Synod for Family: Remarried & Divorced – Big Pulpit (9-16-14)
Morality and Same-Sex Attraction – (9-30-14)
Everything You Want to Know About Angels – (10-2-14)
Synod on the Family Debate Heats Up – (10-2-14)

For the TUESDAY EDITION (9-30-14) click here.
For the WEDNESDAY EDITION (10-1-14) click here.
For the THURSDAY EDITION (10-2-14) click here.

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