Day: September 15, 2014


When Members of the Catholic Press Fail the ChurchWhen Members of the Catholic Press Fail the Church – A. Hendershott

Who Is Pope Francis, the Man – Donald R. McClarey JD, TACatholic
When Your Child Turns Away: Dare to Hope – Stacy Trasancos PhD
Msgr. Marcus Stock Appointed Bishop of Leeds – The Catholic Herald
Victim of Jihad: The Life & Death of Charles de Foucauld – K.V. Turley
What the War Truly Is – Robert Royal, The Catholic Thing
ISIS Beheads British Humanitarian Aid Worker – Greg Daly, Aleteia∝
The Church Is at Risk in Ukraine. . . – John L. Allen Jr., Crux
Have We Lost The Church Music Battle? – Jeff Ostrowski
How the Sign of Peace Disturbs Me – Tim Stanley, The Cthlc Herald
Daughters of Lust: 5 Questions on How They Pervert the Soul – H.H.A.
Book Review: Scott Hahn’s Latest Book – Fr. C. John McCloskey
Cardinal McCarrick ‘Embraces’ Islam? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Catholic Saint of the Day Is. . .(Click Here) – uCatholic
A Sad Episode, Ted Cruz & Persecuted Christians – Mark Movsesian
Do You Know Where You Are Going in Your Business? – Chr. Weber
Pope Francis: World May Be in Beginnings of World War III – Aleteia∝
Marriage Debate: Remarriage & Birth Control – Big Pulpit (9-26-14)
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  Vatican City vs. the Holy See vs. the Pope? – ChurchPOP

Root Cause of Clerical Homosexual Behavior & Pederasty – Rch. Cross
The Reality of the Church’s Social Magisterium – Randall Smith PhD
Pope Francis: Correction w/o Charity Is Slap in the Face – Elise Harris
6 Reasons to Take Your Family to Daily Mass Often – Susanna Spencer
Thirst for Reverence – Karl Erickson,
What Does Opposition to the TLM Really Signify? – P. Kwasniewski PhD
Fr. Finigan’s Old Parish: No More T. L. M.’s – Fr. Z’s Blog
Argentina: Catholic ‘Same-Sex Wedding’ Blessing – Rorate Cæli
Why are Catholics Blasting Dr. Theresa Deisher? – S. Trasancos PhD
A Tour of Pope Francis’s Home – Roberta Sciamplicotti, Aleteia∝
A Voice From Hell – Ray Sullivan, Catholic Stand
Pope Francis Is Right, It’s Like WW3 Out There – Mt. Archbold (fixed)
Ted Cruz Undermined the Cause of Persecuted Christians – Phil Lawler
The Votive Candles – Deacon Edward Looney, Ignitum Today
Pope Francis & World War III – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Aleteia∝
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