What should you do when a child starts crying during Mass?What to Do When a Baby Starts Crying in Mass? – Fr. Alx. Lucie-Smith

Beauty & Liturgy: St. John Paul II’s Letter to Artists – Richard J. Clark
The Mystery of Music – Thomas Van, Catholic Culture
Hymnal Review: Hymnal For The Hours – Nick Alexander
A New Proposed Layout for the Roman Missal – Ben Yanke, Nw Lt Mv
Beauty to Warm the Soul: Ordained as He Lay Dying – Jesserer-Smith
The Saint Who Spent Two Years Continually Standing – The Cthlc Hrld
Paper or Plastic Holy Cards? – God-Haunted Lunatic
St. Alberto Hurtado: A Priest of Prayer & Action – Art. G. Quinn
The Discernment of Personal Musical Taste – Mark Nowakowski, 1P5
The Gift of Purgatory – John T. Goerke, Crisis Magazine
St. Jeanne Jugan, Refuse God Nothing – Richard Becker, Cthlc Exchg
About The Nature of Things, De Rerum Natura – Mtc. Kalpakgian PhD
Jacques Lusseyran: Blind Hero of the French Resistance – Hth. King
6 to Profess Final Vows, Ordained Transitional Deacons – S. Sibal
Ode to Feminine Genius: A Merciful Woman – Catholic Sistas
Marriage Debate: Remarriage & Birth Control – Big Pulpit (9-26-14)
For the FRIDAY EXTRA click here. (9-26-14)
For the SATURDAY MORNING EDITION click here. (9-27-14)
For the SATURDAY AFTERNOON EDITION click here. (9-27-14)
For the SUNDAY MORNING EDITION click here. (9-28-14)
For the SUNDAY AFTERNOON EDITION click here. (9-28-14)

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