Cardinal Dolan Saint Patrick Parade ScandalCrd. Dolan Scandal Continues: Pro-Life Group Banned – McClarey JD

When Will the Catholic Church Come Into the 21st Century? – Squires
5 (Secular) Reasons Not to Live Together Before Marriage – J. Fulwiler
Nun: Misery of Iraqi Christians Pierced My Heart Like a Knife – D Raad
Evidence of Russian Orthodox Clergys Aiding Ukraine Rebels – Higgins
Front Row With Francis: The Church & Mercy – Melanie Jean Juneau
The Cry of the Poor – Melissa Seihan, Ignitum Today
Crd. O’Malley: Pope Francis Brings Hope – Michael O’Loughlin, Crux
Slain Xaverian Nuns Recalled as Women Who Loved God – Elise Harris
Chrysostom & Pope Francis: What They Have in Common – J Archuleta
Ted Cruz Is No Hero for Insulting Persecuted Christians – Hemingway
4 Reasons Why Homeschooling Exact Opposite of Common Core – Clark
Yet More Evidence that Abortion Causes Breast Cancer – S. W. Mosher
“Code Black”: New Doc. Shows Badly Broken Healthcare System – Ives
Killer Grandparents – Patti Maguire Armstrong, Catholic Stand
Atheists Mount Campaign to Boycott Pledge of Allegiance – K. Schiffer
Catholic Saint of the Day Is. . .(Click Here) – uCatholic
Cardinal Dolan’s St. Patrick’s Day Scandal – (9-8-14)
The Clash of Faiths – (9-11-14)
9/11, Christianity, and Islam – (9-11-14)
Informative Articles on Marriage – (9-23-14)
Synod on the Family Scuffling Continues – (9-24-14)
Marriage Debate: Remarriage & Birth Control – Big Pulpit (9-26-14)
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