Crux with John L. Allen Jr., A New Catholic Website Published by The Boston Globe - See more at: with John Allen, New Catholic Website Published – Tito Edwards

Amnesty Int’l: Ethnic Cleansing in Iraq – John Burger, Aleteia∝
Demons, The Eucharist & Unknowing Catholics – Steve Skojec, 1P5
Fr. Samir on ISIS: ‘What They Are Doing Is Diabolical’ – Edward Pentin
Plato at Googleplex: Why Philosophy Won’t Go Away – Leah Libresco
Anniversary of a Forgotten Christian Genius: Péguy – Rob. Royal PhD
The “O” Word, Obedience
Today’s Marriage Licenses: Bizarre, Sad & Dangerous – George Weigel
The Roots of the Political Use & Abuse of the Bible – L. Huizenga PhD
Do The Rapes of Rotherham Tell a Tale of Conquest? – Elizabeth Scalia
“You are Peter”: Getting Papal Authority Straight – Fr. Thomas Kocik
On Lying – Fr. James V. Schall SJ, The Catholic Thing
If Your Brother Sins Against You – Dcn. Donald Cox, Cthlc Jrnl US
Time Alone With My Son – Lisa Shefferly-Gillay, Catholic Stand
Women as Clergy & The Stained-Glass Ceiling – Bobby Ross Jr., Gt Rl
“The Giver” & the Fading Memory of Christianity – Fr. Robert Barron
Cardinal Dolan’s St. Patrick’s Day Scandal – (9-8-14)
The Clash of Faiths – (9-11-14)
9/11, Christianity, and Islam – (9-11-14)
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