Day: August 16, 2014


ASK FATHER: Parish priest doesn’t guard Eucharist from profanation. What to do?Quæritur: Priest Doesnt Guard Eucharist f/Profanation, What to Do – Z

On Seeking Freedom “from” Religion – Quartermaster of the Barque
The History of Anti-Catholic Violence in the U.S. – Fr. David J. Endres
Why We Must Pray – Dom Hubert Van Zeller, Catholic Exchange
Does Your Belief On Ordination Line Up w/Early Church’s Belief? – DLG
The Problem w/Not Having a Personal Relationship w/Jesus – Dr Brown
Does Evolution Nullify Human Meaningfulness? – Charlie Ducey, EP
Wanted: Code of Shareholder Ethics – Bruce Edward Walker, PwrBlg
On Property Rights; Subjective & Objective, Human & Natural – W.B.L.
The Polish Lesson: From Communism to Solidarity to Capitalism – A. R.
A Christian Alternative to Unicorn Governance – Joe Carter, PwrBlg

Mythbuster : How Benedict Tackled False Christologies – Skowronska
Corpus Christi: Punctuation & Continuity – Donald S. Prudlo, Crisis
Willie Wonka Truth – Saint Etheldreda’s Place
The Two Abysses of the Soul – Costica Bradatan, L.A. Rev of Books
Understanding Golgotha – Fr. James V. Schall SJ, Aleteia∝


Worshipping the Devil by DefaultWorshiping the Devil by Default – Dusty Gates, Crisis Magazine

“How Gay are We?”: Gay Games 2014  – Brittany Higdon, Tr & Ch Fr
Don’t Ignore the Bible’s Violence, Understand It – Philip Jenkins
Franciscans Determined to Keep Christianity in Holy Land – The Reg
Staying Pro-Life on College Campuses – Maryann Gogniat Eidemiller
The Debate Over “Common Core” – Russell Shaw, Aleteia∝
We Can Build Jerusalem Amongst Inner City Housing Projects – D. C.
Distributism Basics: Distributism vs. Socialism – David W. Cooney, EP
Questioning Q – Jimmy Akin, Catholic Answers
Ars Moriendi – Dale M. Coulter, First Things
Of Head Nods, Hat Tips & Empty Crosses – Richard Becker, Cth Exchn
Can Private Charity Replace the Social Safety Net? – Joe Carter, PB
The Seduction of Changing the Culture – Hadley Arkes, The Cth Thng
Homosexuality & Vocational Discernment & Choice – Fr. P. A. McGavin
Why I Love My Invisible Friend – Fr. Robert Barron, Strange Notions
Growing Babies in Artificial Wombs: Inevitable? Moral? – Sus. E. Wills

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