Benny Hinn Tall PicHow to Stop a Protestant Dead in Their Tracks – Shaun McAfee

Vatican: The Sign of Peace Isn’t a Liturgical “Good Morning” – Harmon
The Catholic “Man-Crisis” Factsheet – Emangelization
History & Heresy – Fr. Dwight Longenecker (link repaired)
Chance to Do Something About Christian Persecution – Jhn. P. Shimek
Movie Reviews: Hercules! Lucy! Snowpiercer! – Steven D. Greydanus
Good Philosophy Answering Bad – Francis J. Beckwith, The Cth Thng
Quæritur: Should I Attend or Avoid a Civil Marriage of a Catholic? – Z
Talk to Your Kids about Pornography – Thomas Van, Catholic Culture
When a Friend No Longer Loves You. . . – Catholic Sistas
Men Won’t Follow a Lady With a Beard. . . – The New Emangelization
Catholic Civil Rights Hero Who Really Deserves a Statue – F. Campbell
Pessimism, Optimism, Hope & Change – Anthony S. Layne, Cth Stnd
How Could You Have Aborted My Big Brother? – Theresa Bonopartis
The Fragility of Human Life – Melanie Jean Juneau, Catholic Stand
Spouse-Sexual – Julie Machado, Catholic Stand
Bad Boys & Eunuchs – Waiting for Godot to Leave

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