Day: July 23, 2014


ESPN Christophobia wide picESPN Blasts Team for Hiring Traditional Marriage Supporter – CMR

The Dirt on the Little Sisters of the Poor – Mariann Hughes, OSV
Would You Set Up a ‘Little Oratory’ in Your House? – Francis Phillips
New HHS Mandate Must Truly Eliminate Complicity – Dr. Jeff Mirus
U.S. Bishops: Obama’s Executive Order Unprecedented & Extreme – BF
Iraq: Christian Genocide –
Why Leisure Is the Remedy for Sloth – Dusty Gates, Crisis Magazine
When I Left My Career, I Never Imagined This – Stacy Trasancos PhD
The Forgotten Art of Gerhard Lamers – Matthew Alderman, Nw Lt Mv
Just Too Cool: Leo XIII’s Latin Riddles – Fr. Z’s Blog
Catholics Back Unions after Court Decision – Brian Fraga, OSV
Desire of the Everlasting Hills’ Provides Witness to Truth – McDonald
Wireless Birth Control Is No Fantasy – Judie Brown, Catholic Lane
Presidential Hopeful Mobilized Catholic Participation in Politics – OSV
Religion, Relationship & New Life – J. C., Ignitum Today
Is This Love? Surrogates, Same-Sex Couples, & Motherless Babies – J.H.
Movie Review: “Persecuted”, Low Budget B-Movie – David Ives
Catholic Saint of the Day Is. . .(Click Here) – uCatholic


Catholic Herald View: We are witnessing a great betrayal of Iraqi ChristiansThe Last Christian In Mosul – The Catholic Herald

Why the Global Silence on Persecution of Christians in Iraq? – Rrt Cæli
UK Ambassador Blasts Cameron as Mosul Christians Expelled – Teahan
Muslim Professor Murdered for Supporting Christians – Tom McDonald
Over a Million Syrian Refugees & Turkey’s PM Erdogan – Victor Gaetan
The Middle East ‘Powder Keg’ – Michael La Civita, OSV Newsweekly
2 Iraqi Christian Seminarians Forced to Abandon Studies – C. Bootsma
Day of Prayer, Adoration & Solidarity for Persecuted Christians – NLM
Patriarch to Mosul Christians: We’ll Stay With You to the End – RCæli
Encounter With Muslims – The Eye-Witness
Islam’s Religious Exemption From Criticism – William Kilpatrick, Crisis


High Priestess Katharine Jefferts SchoriAnglicans: Don’t Give Up On Us; After High Priestess Vote – Ka. Schiffer

Pope Francis Prays for the Conversion of Anglicans – Fr. Z’s Blog
10 Things to Remember if Pope Francis Upsets You – Fr D Longenecker
South Korea: Land of Dynamic Catholicism & Pope Francis – Ed. Pentin
Conversion Story of Alicia Smith – The Coming Home Ntwrk Intrntnl
Worldwide Rise of the Traditional Latin Mass – Rorate Cæli
Five Ways to Avoid Purgatory – Misty, Catholic Sistas
A Fading Religious Landscape – Fr. C. John McCloskey, The Reg
Catholic Saint’s Tomb to be Promoted by Hindu Nationalists – A Akkara
Why Does God Not Just Annihilate the Demons? – Fr. Jose A. Fortea
Babies Now, Marriage Later: A Failed Strategy for the Poor – M. Gordon
Divorce, Non Serviam & the Venerable Fulton Sheen – David Heath
An Essay on Evil – Saint Etheldreda’s Place
When Catholic Colleges Abandon Theology Requirements – R. B. Smith
The Odds on the Existence of God – Bob Drury, Catholic Stand
Social Engineering, What Could Go Wrong? Ask the Chinese – TNM