Day: July 16, 2014


What That Church of England Vote is Really About…What That Church of England Vote Is Really About – Fr. D. Longenecker

Is There Growing Confusion over Church Teaching? – Dr. William Oddie
Why Gyms and Hymns are Suffering The Same Fate – Gabriel Garnica
You Ought to Act Like a Human – Stacy Trasancos PhD Intg Cth Life™
“Renewing the West by Renewing Common Sense” July 17-20th – Insght
Finding the Face of Jesus in a Chocolate Bar –  Sr. Margaret Kerry, FSP
The ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ Phenomenon – Amanda Sloan, Ignitum Today
Don’t Give in to Discouragement – Dom Hubert van Zeller, Cth Exchn
America’s Other Border Crisis –  Micah Murphy, Truth & Charity Frm
Never Give Up – John Janaro
On Truly Random Numbers – Matt Briggs, Statistician to the Stars!
The Sign of the Scapular – Michelle Arnold, Catholic Answers



Hundreds of Children Pray for Peace in Ukraine at Yaroslavl Monastery – Interfax Religion

Pope’s Hints on Married Priests Trouble Vatican – Economic Times

Russ Chrch Official Believes Fight For God’s Truth Going On in Ukr – Prmr

Coptic Orthodox Church Condemns Attacks on Gaza – Ahram Online

Four Attributes of a Christian Family – Met. Stefanos, MYOCN

Portland to Host Northwest’s 1st Maronite Ordination – Catholic Sentinel

Autopsy of a Burned-Out Pastor: 13 Lessons – Good Guys Wear Black

Christians, Other Religious Groups in Lebanon Fear ISIL Attacks – AINA

US Presbyterian Church Recognizes Armenian Genocide – OCP Media Ntwrk

Scripture and Tradition in Staniloae’s Experience of God – 2nd Terrace

Most of the Time, The Earth is Flat – Orthodox Arts Journal

Tolkien’s Long Defeat – Glory to God For All Things