Why Fulton Sheen? Why Now?Why Fulton Sheen? Why Now? – Emily C. Hurt, Ignitum Today

Overcome Catholic Boredom in Six Easy Steps – Randy Hain, Int Cth Lif™
St. John Paul II’s Warning & Ireland’s Choice – K. V. Turley, The Ct Wr Rp
The Plight of Russian Catholics – Christopher Howse, The Telegraph
The Cross in the Pocket – P. G. Cuschieri, Aleteia
Sociology Expert Says Pro-Marriage Culture Reduces Inequality – The Reg
Pope Francis on Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust – Don. R. McClarey JD
Marriage Is for the Few – Howard Duncan, Catholic Stand
Cardinal Dolan Defends Capitalism – Don. R. McClarey JD, TACatholic
Three Bad Attitudes Atheists Have Towards Theists – Trent Horn, Str Ntn
The Death & Life of Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski: Another Look – Vic. Gaetan
Freezing Tiny Human Beings – Arland K. Nichols, Crisis Magazine
Bosnia Event Looks at Religious Violence in Light of World War I – E. Harris
Make-Up & Martyrdom & Wake-Up Calls – Richard G. Evans, Cthlc Stand
Oh, For a Beautiful Memory! – Marc Barnes, Bad Catholic

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