10 Facts You Never Knew about St John Paul II10 Facts You Never Knew about St. John Paul IITaylor Marshall PhD

Spiritual Weapons: Fasting
The Importance of a Manly & Christian Friendship – Michael Lane, Cth Stn
Catholic in the Cubicle: Setting Up Your Work Space – Bob Waruszewski
Befriending Those with Same-Sex Attraction – Richard G. Evans, Pblc Dscr
How New Pope-Saints Embody Principles of Vatican II – Fr. D. Longenecker
Something Other Than God: Jennifer Fulwiler Video Interview – B. Vogt
The Redistribution of Wealth Is Justice Not Charity – Daniel Schwindt
Logic: What’s Missing from Public Discourse – Randall B. Smith PhD, Crisis
Be of Good Cheer, Pope Francis Is Only Human! – Don. R. McClarey, TACth
A Way Out for College Kids – Zachary Gappa, Catholic Lane
Time Will Judge Pope Francis – Don. R. McClarey, The American Catholic
U. K. Bishop Shuts Down Popular Blog – Madeleine Teahan, The Cthlc Hrld
J. Pelletier Case: Is State Defending Child or Denying Parent Rights – B. F.
Putin’s Anti-Westernism Is Profound Anti-Catholicism – Fr. A. Lucie-Smith

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