Archbishop Major and Pope FrancisChrist Is the Light of East & West: Orthodox to Catholic Convert – G Cook

Archbishop Said It Right but Some Listeners Heard It Wrong – Dr. Peters
Holy Days: The Other “Elephant in the Room” – Howard Kainz, TCT
Religion: Fighting For Tolerance Or Existence? – God & Caesar
12 Stunning Statues of John Paul II – Tom Hoopes, Catholic Vote
Expert Blasts Holes in Crd. Kaspers Theory on Ancient Remarriage – J.R.
Analyzing Cardinal Kaspers Failure to Speak Clearly on Remarriage – Z
Oikonomia: A Holistic Theology of Work in One Flowchart – Joseph Sunde
Catholic Economics: The Distorted History of Capitalism – Dan. Schwindt
Our Bodies & The Promise of the Resurrection – Stephen Beale, Cth Exc
What’s the Glass of Water & How Do I Drink It? – Stacy Trasancos PhD
Free Sacrifice of Liberty – Dan Burke, Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction
Photopost: Feast of St. Joseph – Ben Yanke, New Liturgical Movement
Fast from Success – Julie Machado, Ignitum Today
Planned Parenthood & Myth of Sheepish, Mono-Chromed Woman – M. B.
For Whom Do I Run the Race – Michael Lane, Catholic Stand
Did Kagan Embarrass Herself in Hobby Lobby Arguments – God & Caesar
Moscow Patriarchate Slams Ukrainian Catholic ‘Uniates’ – Byzantine Ed.
‘Bad Words:’ The Best Pedophile Film of 2014 – God & Caesar
The “humble” Holy Grail that Belonged to Padre Pio – Frank Rega, TSoF
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