Pope FrancisFrancis: Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Is Anthropological Regression – E. Pentin

New York Times Attacks the Little Sisters of the Poor – Fr. Z’s Blog
Your Husband & Porn – Matt Fradd
University of Notre Shame Submits to Obama – Fr. Z’s Blog
Pope Francis Shocked by Same-Sex Adoption –
Epiphany, the Feast of Artists – Daniel McInerny, Aleteia
Justice Dept. Opposes Little Sisters’ HHS Injunction – Joan F. Desmond
Californians Grieves Loss of Murdered Priest – Adelaide Mena, CNA
Terri Schiavo’s Family Fight for ‘Legally Dead’ Teen – Jean M. Heimann
How Common-Core Approach Conflicts with Catholic Teaching – P Lawler
Adapting vs. Adopting Common Core – Rich, Over Rhine & Into Tiber
Sacrificing Religious Life on the Altar of Egalitarianism – Br. J. Hannegan
On Unjust Rulings & Marriage – Joe Kral, Truth and Charity Forum
Vatican to Propose Syrian Cease-Fire at Jan. 13 Meeting – Edward Pentin
U. K.: Dry January, It’s All a Substitute for Christianity – Ed West, CH
My Type of Brainwashed Morons – Donald R. McClarey JD, TACatholic
Facing Relativism, Standing for Morality – Matthew Tyson, Ignitum Today
Falling Into the Scapegoat Trap – Melanie Jean Juneau, Catholic Stand
I Stand With Phil – God & Caesar
Abp. Chaput on Reversal of Msgr. Lynn’s Conviction – Tom McDonald
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