Ask Father: Father Coughed So I Didn’t Go to Communion – Fr. Z

A Podcast Against Bitter Catholics! – Taylor Marshall PhD
Subsidiarity: Why is It Praised More than It is Practiced? – J. Kalb, CMg
TheMediaReport.com’s Top Posts of 2013 – The Media Report
The Economy: What’s the Big Picture? – John Janaro, Never Give Up
Latin LOLCat: Reading – Laura Gibbs, Go Proverbs!
Time Warps & Missing Feasts, Cycle of Christmas Feast – Msgr. Pope
MSNBC Makes Fun of Mitt Romney’s Black Grandchild – M. Archbold
Responding to the “Jesus Only” Claim – Matt Fradd
Starting the New Year Off Right! – Micah Murphy, Truth & Charity
How We Got New Years’s Day – God & Caesar
In His Image–Does Yoda Have a Soul? – Bob Kurland, Catholic Stand
Patton’s Weather Prayer – Donald R. McClarey JD, American Catholic
Meeting Nigeria – Rachel Zamarron, The National Catholic Register
What’s Wrong with Looking at Pornography? – Chastity Project, Aleteia
Christmas in Carmel – Donna Sue Berry, Regina Magazine
Valet Parking at Church – Joyce, Onward and Upward
Therapeutic Christianity & Wesleyan Evangelicalism – D. M. Coulter
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