Barry Duke FreethinkerFreethinker Unwittingly Does Good on Christmas Eve – S. Trasancos PhD

5 Ways to Make Your Priest Miserable – Anthony Baratta, IT
Bob Newhart & the Narrowing of Freedom – Kathryn Jean Lopez
Good King Wenceslaus, St. Stephen & Martyrdom – Donald R. McClarey JD
Mysteriously Moved by Sacred Music – Trent Beattie, Catholic Exchange
Blood On the Straw – Michelle Arnold, Catholic Answers
The Last Days of December – Regis Martin, Crisis Magazine
The Unexpected Pro-Life Witness – Anabelle Hazard, Catholic Stand
How Americans Think About Christmas Is Changing – Alberto González
U. S. Bishops Better Be Very Careful w/Common Core – The Motley Monk
Vibrant Isn’t About Busy: Organizing Parish Life for Discipleship – H&PR
Vatican Encourages Renewed Missionary Zeal in Catholic Schools – EWTN
If I Were the Webmaster of – Thoughts from a Catholic
Gates Foundation, USAID Hiding Injectable Contraceptive Dangers – DRg
Quæritur: Father had an iPad in the Confessional! – Fr. Z’s Blog
Why I Don’t See New Evangelization Coming Anytime Soon – Sn. Connolly
‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ Actress Tells How Wonderful the Film Was – Reg
Pennsylvania Sex Orientation Bill Could Coerce Catholic Inst.’s – CNA
Gay Culture Bias – God & Caesar
“On the Feast of Stephen . . . ” – David L. Alexander, Man With Black Hat
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